Skype on the Samsung Nexus S

Funny how easy becomes a chore. All I wanted to do is install Skype on the Android phone but every time I went to the marked it said file not found. This was obviously not the case so I started digging. It sucks to be in a country that is marked “dodgy” by the policeman of the world the goodoll US of A. To get Skype on your phone you need to download the .apk file or here and install it.

Download it, connect the USB drive and copy it into media or where ever. Disconnect the USB connection and install a file manager. Click and install Skype and then start Skype Raider ( All good after that. An option is of course to install

Skype to phone works well and Skype to Skype is good. This for me is the clincher so I will, depending on what happens next week, buy the Nexus S.